Mechanical Engineering Academy

The curriculum encourages students to involve themselves in real world investigations and problem-solving. They make assumptions and predictions. They design and make models and then observe the behavior of these models; they reflect and re-design, and then record and present their findings.

Students work using the Buddy Building system on projects designed so two students can build simultaneously. Each student builds his or her own subsystems using separate guided instruction. Working in pairs, the subsystems are then integrated together to become one complete model.

Students experience the mechanical and structural principles normally hidden away inside everyday machines and structures. The many easy-to-build models each present a hands-on demonstration of one of the concepts of simple machines, mechanisms and structures in a clear, straight-forward manner.



The course is suited for students in Grades 2 through 8, but can be extended to students in Grades K and 1 with assistance.



The Chasewood Mechanical Engineering Academy is a comprehensive program where children learn and build projects based on mechanical engineering concepts.  Models such as a powered cars, cranes, and windmills are examples of engaging and dynamic activities based on the LEGO® Education Simple & Powered Machines engineering curriculum.