Learning Center Classes



      The Lego Robotics Academy is a comprehensive afterschool program where children are learning to design, build, and program robots. Using a creative educational approach that supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), this class is led by Chasewood Learning’s teacher-led instruction followed by fun, engaging and dynamic activities.The Robotics Academy is a repeatable program where children are placed based on skill and experience. Students can move up a level each time they take the class to take on more advanced concepts.


Classes run throughout the summer for ten weeks, included with this is two bonus weeks to accommodate for absences.

Robotics Academy

       We're very happy to offer private classes at our Learning Center, located at 4260 Westbrook Dr, Suite 123, Aurora IL. We have the same quality of classes that we offer at our other locations, but with smaller groups, which leads to more focus given by our teachers to each student. See below for more information about our classes.