The Chasewood Electrical Engineering Academy is a comprehensive program where students explore electrical circuits and even create their own projects while going through our educational approach that supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning.


The Electrical Engineering Academy is a repeatable program where children are placed based on skill and experience. Students advance each time they take the class to take on more advanced concepts.



We are introducing a new curriculum that incorporates the Arduino microcontroller board with electronic circuit breadboards, giving students the ability to learn basic electronic circuit design and programing controllers using the C programming languages.


Students complete circuits that teach how to read sensors, display information on an LCD, control motors, and more.


The curriculum is designed to allow flexibility in instructing students of all abilities though projects that can be scoped to be simple or more complex.



The course is recommended for beginners ages 10 (5th grade) and up, but can be extended to students in 4th grade having fundamental computer skills and the ability to comprehend advanced topics.

Grades/Age Groups

Electrical Engineering with Arduino