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In early March 2020, Corona Virus (COVID-19) became a global Pandemic.  The US healthcare system was not prepared for the surge of patients and we have seen shortages of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for our healthcare workers, first responders and essential workers.  


At Chasewood Learning we realized that with our abilities, training, and resources, we could help fabricate certain PPE devices that could be used on the front lines of this battle.  As a result, we formed community partnerships with the Aurora, Naperville and Oswego Public Library systems, the Chinmaya Mission of Chicago, Edwards Hospital and Chasewood's robotics teams & families.  As of early April, we have been able to produce up to 100 face shields per day and we are currently researching the ability to produce N95 masks.


Our goal is to be a stopgap until commercial PPE providers can keep up with the demand surge.  We also want to give our children the opportunity to contribute towards a positive community effort.  


Our Team

This is not one organization but a community that has come together to help out:


Will Wong - Founder, Chasewood Learning

Dr. Sangita Rangata, Edwards Hosptial Emergency Department

Mahesh Chandramouli - Chinmaya Mission Chicago

Kathy Prince - Chasewood FTC Coach

Savita Kulkarni - Chasewood FLL Coach

Rolling Thunder #9411 - Chasewood FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team

Pheonix Cubitects #29248 - Chasewood FIRST Lego League Robotics Team

Jonathan Charles - Naperville Public Library

Aurora Public Library Foundation Board and Digital Services

Oswego Public Library

Meg Nelligan - Tapster Robotics

Bob Smith - FIRST Robotics Team - Champaign, IL

Dr. Adhir Mehta and Bela Mehta - UIC Hosptial

Arlesia Moore

Chasewood Learning Staff



PPE Distributed to:

Edwards Hospital

Rush Copley Medical Center

AMITA Health

Advocate Health

Cook County ER

Vista Medical Center

Doctors in Skokie, Willowbrook and Oak Brook

Several dentists in the Western Suburbs



Supporting our Effort

We are not selling our fabrications.  We are donating everything we make in an effort to help our frontline workers keep safe and healthy.  In order to do this, we are self-funding and accepting donations to help with 3D printer filament, shielding materials and other accessories.


For donations to our efforts please go to our GoFundMe page.  A face shield costs about $4 in materials.  We are continuously improving our fabrications and researching the possibility of making additional PPE as needed including feasibly of make N95 masks.

Our Story

PPE Fabrications

Intially, our group developed and evaluated prototypes of models that were being used elsewhere.  We finalized our primary face shield with the approval of Dr. Sangita Rangata, Emergency Department Doctor at Edwards Hospital and started producing a lightweight, full coverage face shield that has been accepted and used today.  We can fabricate the following models :



  • COVID Supply connection Face Shield (modified with larger face shield)

  • Budmen Face shield

  • Montana Mask

  • Mask Straps

  • Slit Lamp Shield


  • Wix Facebook page

Visit our Facebook page for more information

3D Printers in Action

Edwards Hospital Face Shield - front
Edwards Hospital Face Shield - front

Edwards Hospital Face Shield  - side
Edwards Hospital Face Shield - side

3D Printed Ventilator splitter
3D Printed Ventilator splitter

If needed we can possibly make these

Edwards Hospital Face Shield - front
Edwards Hospital Face Shield - front


Chasewood Learning COVID - 19 Fabricators

Quantity of Masks Distributed: 

Quantity of Face Shields Distributed: 

0 9 6 0

0 0 1 3

Quantity of Ear Savers Distributed: 

0 1 8 8

Quantity of Slit Lamp Shields Distributed: 


Quantity of Mask Frames Distributed: